the new Era of the industrial sector

Hi, I am Zupply.


01. Introduction

Zupply is the new Supply BlockChain system for the new Era in the industrial sector. The system was set up to help buyers and suppliers reduce costs, expand their business and open new markets.

02. Why Zupply

from the words reported in a 2016 sector study done by Deloitte and the Council on competitiveness "The results of the 2016 study clearly show the ongoing influence manufacturing has on driving global economies" and "Manufacturing related activities among global nations that are rapidly evolving. Manufacturing earnings and exports are stimulating economic prosperity causing nations to increase their focus on developing advanced manufacturing capabilities by investing in high-tech infrastructure and education" we can understand the importance of this sector in global economic development. If we want to look at some figures, in 2013 the US Manufacturing GDP was $ 1,820 B and the Chinese one was $ 1,756.8 B and further growth is expected in 2020.

A significant problem for the purchasing department of any company in the manufacturing world is to evaluate quickly new potential suppliers. This involves a great deal of time, resources and money. Zupply was designed to simplify this process: the buyers have to load the drawings and details of the component, choose the countries, set a duration of their campaign and wait. Zupply will distribute the request to the largest number of suppliers in the selected countries, compatibly with the manufacturing characteristics of the component. At the end of the process the buyers will be able to evaluate which will be the best supplier based on parameters such as costs, delivery times and reliability.

In traditional business, faced with multiple offers, the buyer's difficulty is having reliable and immediately accessible information. Zupply allows the buyer to have a complete report for each potential supplier through:
- the rating by other customers (delivery times, quality, customer service, etc)
- reports by financial institutions, to assess the economic solidity
- the presence of any quality certification

in B2B market, data security comes first. For this reason, Zupply guarantees the buyer's security through the following:
- all suppliers registered on Zupply will have to pass a verification procedure.
- all requests and documents will be sent only to selected and compatible suppliers.
- before being able to access the documents and drawings of a request, the potential supplier must sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) in digital format.
- on each request the buyer's sensitive data will not be present, but only component technical information. Once the buyer has accepted the offer then the supplier will be able to see all the data.

The biggest challenge for a purchasing department is managing the request for an urgent component. Usually you are unable to have an item in a much shorter time than the lead time required by the regular supplier. With a special procedure integrated into the Zupply platform, a special urgent supply request can be sent simply by specifying the requested delivery date. Zupply will forward it to as many potential suppliers as possible. With Zupply the buyer has the opportunity to multiply significantly his chances of success and introducing them to new reliable suppliers.

the great advantage that Zupply gives to the medium-small suppliers is greater world visibility. They will have the possibility of being able to respond to a huge number of requests, that in normal marketing or sales channels could never be reached. In addition, they will be able to manage all the estimates in an easy and intuitive way, thanks to the simple interface of Zupply.

03. Why Supply BlockChain

the key that transforms Zupply into a non-traditional platform is the possibility of stipulating smart contracts between suppliers and buyers. The closing of a deal can be done either in the traditional way or through a smart contract that provides immediate payment in ETH from the buyer. The sum will be unfrozen and sent to the supplier as soon as the component is delivered and if all the constructive and quality features are in compliance. For a small fee, the high rates demanded by banks, for the advance of money, can be taken out of the process.

04. Why BUY ZUP

at this point maybe you are thinking "OK, it's a good idea but i am not in this business, why I have to buy ZUP tokens?". Because this is the key to enter in a multimillionaire business, thanks to the possibility to lend your tokens to buyers or suppliers and receive the fee. In this way the high fees request by BANKS are cutted out.

Through the signing of a smart contract, buyer and supplier can request a loan to finance their expenses. Buyer can request a loan until the 80% of the smart contract's value to finance his purchase and the Supplier till the 60% to finance the production costs.

05. Advantages


Evaluate suppliers
with the rating system

Reduce Costs

Find the cheapest supplier
who can build your component

Easy to use

Manage easily your requests
and suppliers' offers

Reduce Time

quickly receive hundreds of proposals
from new suppliers


Collaborate with only reliable customers
thanks to the integrated economic
evaluation system

New Markets

Reply to hundreds of new opportunities
anywhere in the World


Receive the best collaboration requests
for your business

Huge Business

Zupply is the key to enter
in a multimillionaire business

Low Buying Cost

Experts place the value of the ZUP
at 1.5 $ in a year


Many earning possibilities
thanks to our loan system

06. RoadMap


Q1 2017

Zupply Idea


Q2 2017

Market Analysis


Q4 2017

Project Study


Q1 2018

Zupply ICO


Q2 2018

Launch Zupply Token on Exchanges
Rating Companies Partnership


Q3 2018

Zupply Beta Platform
Marketing Campaign


Q1 2019

Zupply Platform
Large Marketing Campaign


Q3 2019

Logistic Solutions Integration


Q1 2020

Zupply Social Business Network

07. ICO

Pre-ICO sale
Start date 24th February 2018
End Date 3th March 2018
# of Tokens 100,000,000 ZUP
Accepted currency ETH
Exchange rate 1 ETH = 40,000 ZUP (-50%)
Minimum transaction 0.1 ETH

ICO sale
Start date 10th March 2018
End Date 21st April 2018
# of Tokens 500,000,000 ZUP
Accepted currency ETH
Exchange rate 1 ETH = 20,000 ZUP
Minimum transaction 0.01 ETH

Software Development
Operating expenses
Legal Support

08. The Team

Born in Milan 32 years ago, he graduated in management engineering at the University of Bologna. After that he gained experience in IT and in the operations department in a large manufacturing company. By combining the two experiences, the ZUPPLY project was born. SPAL FC fan :)

Roberto Fabbri - Founder & Blockchain expert

The experience of ZUPPLY. With 20 years of experience in the purchasing department of leading manufacturing multinationals, he is the project leader in the complex industrial world. BOLOGNA FC fan :(


With 18 years of experience in purchasing, he is an enthusiast and early adopter of digital e-procurement solutions and SAP expert. He will support the development of ZUPPLY between different purchasing categories and its effectiveness for the final users


Degree in management engineering achieved with honors at the University of Bologna. With the experience made in one of the biggest multinational companies in the world she is the creative soul of ZUPPLY and our point of contact to the outside.

Sara Gianotti - Marketing & SMM

Claudia is the most determined and strong part of ZUPPLY. She graduated in mechanical engineering in Bologna and gained her experience in the purchasing department of one of the largest companies in the precision measurement sector worldwide.

Claudia Venturi - operations manager


Alessio Fanti Supply chain Advisor
Alejandro Malfetano South America Brand Ambassador


Our target is to reach 75,000 client companies in North America, Europe and Asia at the end of 2019, with a total business of 1.2 Billions USD.

10. Press & Reviews

11. Partners


Our Bounty Campaign was a big success! We planned a budget of 15 Mln ZUPs for 2 months of campaign, they finished in just 5 days. We have now, between Twitter and BitcoinTalk, more than 250 Zupply Ambassadors.